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The most comprehensive API for realtime email validation, email list validation, and automating daily list maintenance with Email Assurance.

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Free Deliverability Report

Check email list quality, or monitor list quality over time with free vetting tokens included with every plan.

 $curl -X GET 
  -H "Authorization: bearer {api_key}" 
  "grade":    [{"count": 2, "name": "A"}, 
               {"count": 2, "name": "A+"}, 
               {"count": 1, "name": "B"}, 
               {"count": 2, "name": "D"}], 
  "hard":     [{"count": 7, "name": "H4"}],
  "optout":   [{"count": 7, "name": "O4"}],  
  "click":    [{"count": 5, "name": "K0"},
               {"count": 2, "name": "K4"}], 
  "trap":     [{"count": 7, "name": "T4"}], 
  "open":     [{"count": 5, "name": "R0"},
               {"count": 2, "name": "R1"}],
  "complain": [{"count": 7, "name": "W4"}], 
  "deceased": [{"count": 7, "name": "D4"}]},

Realtime Email Validation

Analyze the quality of an email address at the point of signup. Our API can handle extremely high volume.

 $curl -X GET 
  -H "Authorization: bearer {api_key}" 
  "grade":    "A+",
  "click":    "K4",
  "open":     "R1",
  "hard":     "H4",
  "optout":   "O4",
  "complain": "W4",
  "trap":     "T4",
  "deceased": "D4",
  "Address":  ""

Validate a list of Email Addresses

Clean email lists quickly and receive comprehensive email deliverability data on each email address. Your entire list is returned to you with Email Assurance grades ranging from A+ to F.

 $curl -X GET 
  -H "Authorization: bearer {api_key}" 

Email Assurance

Automate your email list maintenance with our API. Protect your deliverability by integrating the complete Email Assurance solution. Set up daily list monitoring, weekly list maintenance, and the realtime email validation behind your webform. We analyze all email data daily, ensuring that your email list is always ready for deployment.


Each package is a complete solution.

Each package includes free vetting tokens, email verification tokens, and realtime email validation tokens.

Take it one step further.

Schedule weekly monitoring for your email lists, or automate your email validation by setting up Email Assurance.

Price Free Vetting Tokens Verification Tokens Realtime
$ 0 2,000 500 100
$ 30 16,000 4,000 800
$ 80 80,000 20,000 4,000
$ 200 200,000 50,000 10,000
$ 320 400,000 100,000 20,000
$ 800 1,200,000 300,000 60,000
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These packages are designed to provide you a comprehensive deliverability API for the lifecycle of your email marketing. Use the vetting tokens to determine a list's deliverability. If the email list quality is poor, use verification tokens to access a cleaned email list. Place the realtime endpoint behind your web form and verify email addresses as they enter your database. If you have high volume or special requirements, contact us.